General Terms:

Neither our (UK) Online-Advertising company nor "escorts4travel.com" is an employer in any way of any person offering services on this website. All advertisers are self-employed and pay an advertising fee to place their profiles and photographs onto the website escorts4travel.com, who can therefore assume no liability whatsoever regarding the authenticity of any profiles or photographs nor for any payments made direct with an advertiser.


This website offers absolute reliability and discretion to anyone and everyone visiting it. No data received in the course of your making contact with any advertiser will be passed on in any form to a third party. No personal information, financial or otherwise, known to this website will be requested, handled or used in any way whatsoever.

Terms of ordering an arrangement:

Make contact and check availability of an advertiser by sending an e-mail or by submitting the on-line form on the advertiser's personal profile page. You will receive a response as quickly as possible, either direct from the advertiser or else from Escorts4Travel.com or whoever she appoints to deal with her correspondence in English. She will inform you if your requested time and date is available. If your chosen companion confirms that she is available for the period of time requested and the meeting is anywhere else other than her home country, the next step is for you to propose the flights which you are ready to book for her. Once she agrees that the timings are acceptable, you can then go ahead and make the reservations and send the e-ticket to her. All is then set for your meeting and the fee is not usually required to be paid to your companion till you meet.

Minimum Age Requirements:

You must be at least 18 years of age to make contact with and/or employ the services of a companion who is advertising on this website. All companions are at least 19 years of age. A meeting with an advertiser is an arrangement between two consenting adults of good health and sound mind.

Duration of an Arrangement:

For the purposes of making these arrangements, '1 Day' commences at the time the companion is required to meet you at the hotel, resort, railway station or airport, whichever you prefer and is agreed in advance - and terminates 24 hours thereafter.
The time required by your companion for travel to and from the agreed meeting place does not need to be paid for. The time and place of the first meeting with your companion is at your discretion and choosing, subject to agreement by the companion.

Terms of Payment:

The payment made to your companion is made to her direct in Euros (cash) and must be made within the first 30 minutes of first meeting. Occasionally, particularly with meetings of a longer duration, a down-payment may be required.


Unless 'on tour', your companion will assume that she will stay in your hotel and share the accommodation you have already booked and have paid for or will be paying for.

Food and Drink:

If you are spending 12 hours or longer with a companion, you are responsible for the cost of reasonable meals, snacks, drinks and general entertainment for the duration of your time together. Your companion's shopping and grooming costs are however her own responsibility.

Girls on Tour:

From time to time, the advertisers go 'on tour', that is to say they choose a location, make their own accommodation arrangements and stay there for several days. You then meet with your companion at her hotel or apartment and you have none of her travel costs to cover.

Cancellation of an Arrangement:

You may cancel any arrangement at any time although in most circumstances you will not be able to obtain a refund for any travel ticket(s) already purchased and any down-payment already made is non-refundable. Once the payment to your companion has been made, upon first meeting with her, that too is non-refundable unless circumstances require that she has to curtail the arrangement - in which case the payment made to her should be refunded to you by her, less a pro-rated amount covering the time already spent with you. In the event of you having to or desiring to cut short the arrangement already made and paid for, for any reason whatsoever, your companion will not make any refund. The advertisers wish to assure their clients that everybody is treated with the greatest of respect and that they aim to please, not disappoint. Please note that your companionship fee payments are made direct to your chosen companion and that this advertising agency can accept no responsibility nor liability for meetings that are not successful.
Should it be necessary for your companion to cancel a meeting owing to illness, a catastrophic event or a death or serious illness in her family then an alternative companion can usually be arranged but this will only be done with your approval.

Companionship policy:

The fee paid to your companion is for her time and companionship only. Anything else that occurs during the companionship period is a matter of choice between two consenting adults and does not involve any payments. Anything implied or inferred by any text or images within these pages is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship.




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