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You must be at least 18 years of age
Your profile description must be accurate and complete
You must submit genuine and recent photos of yourself
Your photos should be glamourous and sexy, but not pornographic
Your photos must have a resolution of at least 500 x 750 and can be either horizontal or vertical
The monthly advertising fee will be negotiated following the submission of your profile and photos
No payment required till after you have received your first booking! reserves the right to refuse your advert without explanation

Please complete and submit the application form. We will then contact you and will request a recent digital photo of yourself. If accepted for our website, we will quote to you the amount of the monthly advertising fee, advise you how payment is to be made and request from you at least four photos for inclusion on your profile page, together with your profile description.

Prior to your advertisement being placed, you will be required to be in agreement to the following statement and then copy and paste it onto an e-mail message and send it to
I (enter name)_______________________, age ________, wish to place an advertisement with GB Online Ads Ltd (the Advertising Service) for featuring  on ESCORTS4TRAVEL.COM. My advertisement is being placed to promote my part-time or full-time profession,, that of a self-employed companion and guide to visitors to my country or countries chosen by my clients. Regardless of whether my profile page suggests otherwise or not, I confirm that my services do not include, nor do I offer or provide, sexual services of any kind for payment or reward, nor am I paying any commission to GB Online Ads Ltd, its owners or staff, for introductions. The monthly advertising fee I am paying is solely for placing my own personal advertisement on a website page, the content of which is wholly of my own choosing. Enquiries from potential clients are either to be forwarded to me for me to deal with or, if I prefer, will be answered by the Advertising Service on my behalf.  The time I spend with my clients, all of whom must by at least 18 years of age, is totally private and any resulting intimacy will be a joint personal decision made entirely by my clients and myself, as consenting adults, after we meet and not as a reason or cause of placing this advertisement.. I will not hold the Advertising Service, the website owners, designers, developers or hosts in any way responsible for any consequences, financial, legal or otherwise, resulting from my placing this advertiement.
Signed________________________________________ this ________ day of ______________________ 2010


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